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The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is an independent U.S. Government agency working to reduce global poverty through economic growth. Created in 2004, MCC provides time-limited grants and assistance to poor countries that meet rigorous standards for good governance, from fighting corruption to respecting democratic rights.


MCC seeks to partner with organizations that share our goal of generating economic growth to help people lift themselves out of poverty.

Building partnerships with MCC starts with defining a shared vision of what we want to achieve together, and then leveraging the strengths of each partner to address our core interests. While some partnerships are short-term and limited in scope, we believe the most effective partnerships are sustained over time and extend beyond a single project. All partnerships must be rooted in a shared objective and include shared risks, responsibilities, and rewards.

MCC partnerships take many forms and benefit both MCC and our partner organizations by increasing our respective access to cutting-edge research, knowledge, data, funding, networks and expertise. Partnerships can help open new markets, scale programs, drive innovation, and transform the lives of people around the world.


MCC is a unique partner in international development.

  • Strong Country Relationships: Our country ownership model means we develop strong relationships in our partner countries at the highest levels of leadership.
  • Proven Expertise: MCC’s staff and the country partners who oversee our investments on the ground have deep sectoral and country knowledge, and we work with key influencers and implementers who are driving economic growth.
  • Systematic Approach: We understand that to achieve poverty reduction
    through economic growth we need to invest in policies, institutions, people, and infrastructure—and we tailor each of our investments to address the unique needs of our partner countries.
  • Sustainability and Scale: Our investments support approaches to economic development that strive for scale and replicability. Partnerships offer a unique proving ground for subsequent operations and investment within our time-limited compacts and threshold programs.
  • Value Partnership: We know we need smart, innovative, dedicated, and thoughtful partners who are willing to invest alongside us to drive sustainable growth and reduce poverty.


MCC partners with companies, financial institutions, foundations, universities, non-governmental organizations, faith-based organizations, development agencies, and fellow U.S. government agencies because we know partnerships increase our collective impact.

No matter what type of entity you represent, we’re looking for:

  • Knowledge and Information: We look to collaborate with organizations that have specialized knowledge, information, and data. Together we can work to stay on the cutting-edge of development using new tools, research, and methods.
  • Networks and People: An ideal partner not only brings their unique talents to our mission and programs, but also brings a like-minded network of associates that help us engage a wider group of stakeholders.
  • Innovation: We value new ideas, new approaches, and more effective and affordable products and services that help us work more productively.
  • Quantifiable Investment: We aim to use our public resources to attract additional investments. Whether through direct funding or other tangible contributions, we are looking for partners that want to invest with or alongside MCC.
  • Value Partnership: While partnership is a powerful tool for achieving shared goals, it is not always easy and requires flexibility and patience. We look for partners who are ready to co-create, learn with us, and continually reflect on how we can best achieve our individual interests and shared goals.


We offer partnership opportunities with both MCC headquarters and our country counterparts. See examples of these partnerships on our website at

Agency-Level Partnerships

These partnerships are between MCC and one or more partners to actively share knowledge, technical expertise and other resources to expand the impact of our programs and achieve mutual objectives.

Country-Level Partnerships

These partnerships support the implementation of MCC programs in our partner countries. There are a number of ways to partner with us as part of our compact and threshold programs, including co-investing, using a country-level program as a catalyst for your investment, participating in a challenge or matching grant program, and participating in a tender for a formal public-private partnership (PPP).


MCC welcomes partnership opportunities and proposals that support our mission to reduce poverty through economic growth. If you are interested in working with MCC to explore cutting-edge issues in economic growth and poverty reduction, deepen stakeholder awareness and engagement around our programs or model of delivering foreign assistance, or have a network you think MCC should join, please contact us at [email protected] You can also find partnership opportunities on our website:

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