The United States Takes Action Against Maduro’s Improper Use of the Venezuelan People’s Air Carrier

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U.S Department of state
Press Statement
Michael R. Pompeo. Secretary of State
February 7, 2020


On February 7, the United States identified the Venezuelan state-owned airline Consorcio Venezolano de Industrias Aeronáuticas y Servicios Aéreos, S.A. (CONVIASA) as blocked property of the Government of Venezuela pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 13884. Instead of acting as a bridge between peoples, this airline is being used to ferry Maduro and his inner circle to confer with dictators, authoritarian regimes, and other criminals around the world. As a result of this action, U.S. persons are on notice that they may not transact with this airline or these aircraft – to include chartering, contracting, refueling, or purchasing them – except as otherwise authorized. This action increases pressure on Maduro to negotiate seriously and open a path out of the crisis through a transitional government that will lead to free and fair presidential elections.

We call on the international community to step up pressure on Maduro and further isolate him and his corrupt associates and other malign entities. The United States is committed to supporting the Venezuelan people, interim President Juan Guaidó, and the democratically elected National Assembly in their courageous struggle for Venezuela’s democratic restoration.

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