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The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Violence against women is a global issue that affects millions of people annually. Every woman and girl deserves a life free from violence. The Unites States is committed to advancing gender equality and preventing and responding to all forms of violence against women and girls, from domestic and sexual violence to forced marriage and so-called honor killings.

Statement by Heather Nauert – Attacks in Orakzai and Karachi, Pakistan

The United States condemns in the strongest terms today’s terrorist attacks in Orakzai and Karachi, Pakistan, which killed over 30 people and injured dozens more. We send our deepest condolences to the victims’ families and wish for the speedy recovery of those injured. We also commend the Pakistani security forces’ quick and brave response to the attack on the Chinese Consulate in Karachi that prevented further loss of life.

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Statement by Heather Nauert – Marking the 85th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Holodomor

This month we join Ukrainians around the world in marking the 85th anniversary of the Holodomor, when millions of innocent Ukrainians were deliberately starved to death by the regime of Josef Stalin. The Soviet Union’s barbaric seizure of Ukrainian land and crops was undertaken with the deliberate political goal of subjugating the Ukrainian people and nation.

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Protecting Our Southern Border and Working With Mexico to Address Caravans and the Safety of Those Transiting Mexico

I have been in close contact with Mexican Foreign Secretary Videgaray and it has been one week since Secretary Nielsen and I had a constructive meeting with Mexican Foreign Secretary-designate Marcelo Ebrard to discuss the migrant caravans.

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Response to the Head of the OSCE Mission to Skopje, Ambassador Clemens Koja

We warmly welcome you, Ambassador Koja, back to the Council, this time as Head of Mission.  Thank you very much for your report, its timely submission, and the really strong informal presentation you made yesterday. 

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Response to the Regular Report by the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Harlem Désir

The United States warmly welcomes the Representative on Freedom of the Media (RFoM), Mr. Harlem Désir, back to the Permanent Council and expresses our appreciation for his comprehensive report.

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On the 85th Anniversary of the Holodomor in Ukraine, 1932-1933

On November 24 we mark a somber occasion, the 85th anniversary of Holodomor, when the brutal Soviet regime engineered and executed a catastrophic manmade famine and starved to death millions of innocent Ukrainians.

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Ongoing Violations of International Law and Defiance of OSCE Principles and Commitments by the Russian Federation in Ukraine

The Russia-manufactured conflict in eastern Ukraine shows no sign of abating.  This is a conflict in which exceptionally deadly and destructive weapon systems are used daily and where just one ceasefire violation can have a catastrophic effect on people in the area. 

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U.S. Calls for Credible Elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is at a critical juncture. On December 23, 2018, the DRC has a historic opportunity to carry out a credible election leading to a peaceful, democratic transfer of power.

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Assistant Secretary Nagy Travels to Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Kenya, and Germany

Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of African Affairs Tibor P. Nagy will travel to Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Kenya, and Germany from November 27 to December 8, 2018. During his trip, Assistant Secretary Nagy will focus on promoting stronger trade and commercial ties between the United States and Africa, harnessing the potential of Africa’s youth, advancing peace and security through partnerships, and underscoring the United States’ enduring commitment to the people and nations of Africa.

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